Note: Pricing below is for services rendered in A Zen Salon & Spa in Colorado Springs. For on-location pricing, please fill out my Appointment Form for a custom quote.


Men $40

Women $60

Shampoo/blow dry/style $75


Chris has 30 years’ experience in hair color: highlights, balayage, ombre, all-over, grey coverage, and combinations of them all. Chris will help you determine the best colors to maintain because you don’t want something that’s more high maintenance than your lifestyle or budget will support. Those are huge factors in determining a path forward to hair color, however most salons just nod along with you and do whatever you ask because they don’t pay attention to begin with; it’s all about them and their Instagram page. However, Chris will listen to you very closely during a color consultation, all the while determining what’s best for you and your hair based on maintenance, hair length and condition, and what you’re going for. He’s developed the ideal balayage technique and system from doing so many of them throughout the years.

Highlights from $150

Balayage from $150

Ombre from $150

All-over color from $65

90s highlight with a base color and toners from $175

** Hair length and thickness are the main determining factors in pricing. **

** All haircuts are 50% off with any color service. **

Corrective color services can run from $150 and up depending not only on thickness and length but also the processes themselves and number of them. Chris has extensive experience fixing unwanted hair color and performs miracles in this regard. Nobody likes living with a mess of color on their heads! Feel free to reach out.


Perms from $125 based on length and style. Men’s as well as women’s perms are available; just ask!