Christopher Paris Music

Christopher grew up in a house driven by music. His uncle Larry was an accomplished classical violinist, and his father was in the Wichita Lineman, members of the Kansas music hall of fame. He would be out on the road with them for his entire youth, playing music and being directly involved with every aspect of the band. As a teenager he joined the family of Chuck Berry, being in a relationship with a girl his age. Chuck played cupid, being a true believer in teenage love. There are things you learn from all these wonderful people Christopher has been around his whole life that he brings with him everywhere, a constant influence and presence in his current life. Chris is a professional hair stylist along with being a professional musician. He’s a very mild mannered person until you get him on stage or on a tennis court. He was Jimmy Conners in a past life.

Ahh… Mr. Pitch Perfect.

I find that many modern recording artists can’t hold pitch, so they cheat using a tool called auto-tune. I can hear auto-tune working each and every time that an artist chooses to use the darn sounding thing. That being said, Chris sings in perfect pitch and has no need for it. His vocal range hits three or more octaves in width. His voice has that rich quality to it that you can only be born with. His song writing and guitar playing skills exceed the best of them. Mr. Harris is a recording engineer’s dream. What a pleasure it is to work with a professional recording artist.

Oh, he’s even a nice guy and fun to be around. (wow)

Ron Byrne, engineer/owner, Naked Ear Recording Studio, Aurora, CO

About Ron Byrne

I started working in the music business in the fall of 1972 by singing & playing in The Flatiron Band, which I established. During my music & one act tv career, I performed on stage, ran sound (which sometimes called for a huge sound system that could fill a football stadium), was a booking agent, road manager, EMMY judge & toured with a national act. I worked as a sound engineer for many national acts which include The Drifters, The Coasters, The Box Tops, Danny & The Juniors, Charlie Daniels, The Ozark Mountain Daredevils & the tv show Howdy Doody.

I went to a recording studio in Boulder, Colorado, back in 1985 and spent $125.00 for an hour’s worth of recording time. An album seemed unattainable as it would take days and days worth of time ($) to do it correctly. That experience was disheartening but the idea of recording music seemed very interesting to me. As a result of that interest, I designed & opened Naked Ear Recording Studio in 1995. I was able to record some of the most talented people on the planet. So far I have recorded, mixed, mastered & manufactured over 500 albums in the past 32 years. I have also released my own album called, “The Flatiron Band – Ron Byrne Originals” so I finally did get to record my own stuff.

The music gods have now saved for me, “the best of the best,” recording artist Chris Harris. What a pleasure it is to experience someone so talented & professional. (Aah, another tic in my BIO hat.)

Life is good!