About Chris

Chris HarrisChris Harris has been in Colorado for over 25 years. Originally from the Midwest, he started doing hair out of high school during the last part of those wonderful 8Os! Who could forget? Whether you were born then or not, they have had lasting power in everything around us. Every type of entertainment!

Chris’s mother was a hairstylist so he spent a lot of time in the salon from a very young age. He’s always associated a hair salon with family and the best professional environment. Chris has many memories from childhood of being at the salon with his mother and helping out while she worked. The place was always full of such good energy and vibes. His mother has a very outgoing and friendly personality so the good times just rolled all thru the 70s and 8Os!

Chris comes from a very artistic family. His father was a professional musician in a popular country band. In addition to being a hair stylist, Chris’s mother was also a professional painter and musician. Chris has been playing music from a very young age and is a huge appreciator of the arts in general. He loves tennis! It’s his escape along with music. Doing hair comes naturally to Chris and his extensive experience makes him feel right at home in the salon.

Unlike most other salons that try to tell people that they have to have a specific haircut or style to “balance your facial shape and features,” Chris understands there are many different haircuts a person will try throughout their lives. It can depend on the season, a new job, a new relationship, an event, or simply the desire for a change. Change can be a liberating experience.

Chris has been professionally trained in Pivot Point, the absolute best haircutting system. Feel free to look it up if you’re curious and see why it’s the most reliable haircutting system ever developed.

Chris is not vague or hard to read; he is very direct and open to communication. You will experience the best consultation you’ve ever had before starting your haircut.

Also, Chris feels that if a salon is trying to decide what your haircut should be in order to balance your features, it sends the wrong message to us all. We are just perfect, physically, the way we were created. We should not be made to feel we need a certain haircut to make us look ”correct.”

A haircut can be life changing and liberating. It’s the most fun thing a person can do to change the way they feel and look. This does not mean you have to have a specific haircut to fix your face. It just means if you get a great haircut you will feel brand new on the inside and out!